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Q: What is MyTalasemia?
A: MyTalasemia is a web vortal incorporating several applications under one web site example patient registry, public information, real time statistical analysis and digital library for health professionals.

Q: Who are the target group?
A: 1) Health professionals e.g. doctors and nurses 2) Patients 3) Public 4) Students and academicians 5) Thalassaemia Support Groups

Q: Do you need to register in order to surf MyTalasemia?
A: No. But you would not have full access to all of its application

Q: How to register?
A: 1) health professionals - You will have to apply through your head of department to get login ID. 2) Patient - Please get your login ID from your doctor. 3) Public, students, support group and academicians - Click "Register Now" and follow the instructions given